About Tuah Jebat

Energy development within Malaysia territories. Focusing on crude oil and gas for national growth. Renewable energy to keep Malaysia greener.

Our authors

  1. Ikhwan Hafiz is an engineer by practise. His works of experience ranging from details design, fabrication, construction, installation and commissioning of surface facilities within South China Sea of Malaysia and Brunei waters. He is an avid Malaysia Oil & Gas development. State of Malaysians well being is his prime movers to drive the nation into TN50 agendas.
  2. Dee M (DM) is a corporate guy. Working for one of the oil and gas company in Malaysia. With degree in engineering, he loves to connect the dot between technology, branding, corporate, engineering, global trends, economics, etc. He joined the TuahJebat team of authors, to share his experience which could benefit Malaysians as a whole.
  3. Hairy Harry (HH) is a curious chipmunk. He works all across heavy process industry within Asia Pacific and have Energy for breakfast. Having spent many years collecting diplomas from academic institutions, he loves putting his knowledge to practice. Through his sharing on Tuah Jebat, he hopes to guide the nation to a secure and balanced future in energy.

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Are you interested to contribute and together shape the oil and gas industry and indirectly the national growth? Then, we would love to hear from you soon!